Video Ads

Drive your video campaign forward.

Video campaigns deliver the highest engagement possible online. Not only do they command the attention of the viewer, but they are powerful in terms of demonstrating the overall brand value to the target audience. Being highly flexible, video ads can run across multiple mediums, allowing for a consistent and high-quality branding experience. Through detailed planning, video production, and distribution, Thinkr Digital will help your brand create a memorable video ad campaign.

High-quality Media

With in-house professionals and necessary equipment at our fingertips, your video ads are produced, shot, edited, and distributed by one team. This leads to lower costs, complete control over quality, and a faster turnaround time.

Performance Review

Video ads allow for the capture of analytics data far beyond the number of views. Finally, get real world metrics about your video ads that allow you to clearly see your best return on ad spend.

Multi-screen Viewing

Video ads run across multiple digital media platforms, delivering high-quality and consistent content across all devices.

Want to bring your next campaign to life with video ads?

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